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Banner: Good Cinema Group
Cast: Prince,Dimple Chopra,Manasa,Saikumar P,Bhargavi
Music: Sai Karthik
Writter: Darling Swamy
Cinematography: J Prabhakar Reddy
Editing: S. B. Uddhav
Director: Darling Swamy
Producer: G. Srinivasa Rao,SKN Srinivas

Story :

Prince, Dimple Chopra’s 'Romance' telugu movie released today.  This is A rated flick originates together with good expectations. This one is directed by Darling Swamy and produced by Good Cinema Group.

Coming to the story of the movie Krishna (Prince) is certainly an engineering student. He's always searching for that perfect girlfriend, if at all possible a virgin. He does not trust pre-marital sex etc which he needs the identical from his prospective female buddies.Lalitha also called Lola (Manasa) might be the very first lady later on into his existence. She leads to becoming an aggressive youthful lady. Lola likes Krishna’s frankness and each of them start dating each other. However, Krishna discovers that Lola is a lot too aggressive for him and breaks tabs on her.

At this time Anuradha (Dimple) enters into the story. She leads to just like a nice traditional girl and Krishna instantly falls for one another. Anu also responds and basically their love story will remove, Lola returns into his existence to create problems. She produces rifts between Krishna and Anu. Krishna must prove his innocence now. What happens next? It will form the rest of the story.For that you must watch the movie on the big screen…


Coming to analysis of the movie the film is affected with poor pace. Entertainment percentage is  missing within this film. The plot of the film is extremely old and also the narration is poor. The film has numerous cliched and outdated sequences. As with many immature comedies which have been being released lately, the only goal from the film is to produce a scene for Boys versus Women brilliance debate. The very best moment within the film is Mukesh’s cigarette warning clipping, which is available in once the hero attempts to smoke the very first time. Aside from that, Sai handles to induce some humour as Bluetooth Bobby. Prince is alright, but he must focus on his expressions. Dimple looks good.

Manasa is just average. The film may attract many people who love very vulgar dialogues. The interval twist, in which a secret about Lalitha is revealed, is great.The mimicry scene in which the actor attempts to imitate Chandra Babu Naidu, V. Hanumantha Rao and KCR didn't work nicely. The scene within the ladies hostel in which the hero turns emotional is extremely superficial. Climax sequence might have been better. Overall movie isn’t good one.


Coming to the performances  Male lead ‘Neeku Naaku Dash Dash’ fame Prince looks confident as Krishna, however the weak script confines him from showing his talent. Dimple Chopra has demonstrated that her choice wasn't wrong for that role provided to her. Manasa as Lalitha is completely exhausted. Director unsuccessful to capture her screen presence. Sai as Bluetooth Bobby can also be good in the role. Hostel women figures were elevated although not performed correctly. Rest of the supporting cast also don justice to their respective roles.


Direction by Darling Swamy unsuccessful to narrate the film inside a talented way. He couldn't obtain the moments fasten inside a precise manner. The contrived script hampers the narration. Music and background score are simply very average.The storyline has good commercial point and dialogues in movie are extremely regular. Photography is as well as the skilled camera work has taken the close ups and outside moments well. Editing from the film could have been crisp. Production values of excellent Cinema Group are great.

Final Word:

‘Romance’ is having double meaning dialogues and offensiveness, you may avoid this for this weekend. This flick is not a worthy watch.

Romance Review Rating: 2/5

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