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Banner: Sri Sangamitra Arts
Cast: Venkat Rahul, Anisha Ambrose, Nagendra Babu, Tanikella Bharani
Art: Hari Varma
Editor: Sreejith Sarang
Cinematography: Sujith Sarang
Music: Shravan
Director: Daya K
Producer: Neelima Tirumalasetti

Story :

Venkat Rahul, Anisha Ambrose’s ‘Alias Janaki’ released today. Neelima Thirumalasetty is the producer of the movie. She produced the film ‘Panjaa’ previously. The movie has been directed by Daya. Venkat Rahul, Anisha Ambrose is the lead roles here.

Coming to the story Janaki Ram (Venkat Rahul) is definitely an honest and socially responsible person. He works within the Town Planning division from the GHMC and rapidly constitutes a mark being an honest and courageous government servant. He takes the ideals trained by his father (Naga Babu) seriously and lives by them. This honest attitude causes lots of issues for Janaki Ram. Also, he crosses the road of the well known local Don named Mysa (Sathru), who's hell bent on taking up a bit of prime government land unlawfully.

Janaki Ram’s superior officer (Tanikella Bharani) attempts to reason with him and recommends him to tone lower his righteousness, but he's not successful. An angered Mysa decides to strike back. The folks around Janaki Ram begin to suffer which struggle produces a rift between Janaki and the girlfriend Chaitra (Anisha Ambrose).What happens next? For that you must watch the movie on the big screen…


Coming to the analysis whenever films with moral values and social messages are created they should be packed with the proper type of emotional peaks and powerful performances with intensity. Both were missing in that one. Venkat Rahul looks quite odd in this particular movie. He's only one expression throughout this film which he or she must learn to emote, if he desires to proceed becoming an actor. He or she must also concentrate on his appearance and magnificence. The film features a good plot, nevertheless the team botched within the execution. Poor script is probably the finest issues this movie has. There is no logical flow inside the proceedings. The romantic track between Janaki Ram and Chaitra is not sufficient. There's absolutely zero chemistry involving the lead stars. The hero also breaks into tears within the drop from the hat. Without the right emotional justification, such moments just fail. Tanikella Bharani’s abrupt change of heart defies logic. Finally the very first half will take off mildly and also the interval bang looks a little interesting. However, the other half dips in the momentum and the majority of the moments have a tendency to lack any energy. Overall, this can be a film which doesn’t score by any means


Performance wise male lead Rahul Venkat is the nephew of Megastar Chiranjeevi.  But he looks a low quality actor who seems to own strictly done what he was shown to accomplish.  He's done not new or from box impressive acting and top he moved single expression just about all time, he's extended approach to use terms if acting. Anisha provides her full effort inside the poorly written character and he or she looked charming inside their limited moments. Naga Babu Portrayal might be the clinching impairment inside the understanding inside the Mega artist. The main one factor that was a pathetic portrayal made worse by poor acting. Sri Ramya looks jaded but her acting was neat.  Tanikella Bharini is ok within the character.  Rest of the supporting cast also had done the respective job here.


Coming to the technical aspects of the movie very first thing Daya direction isn't sufficient. It features a weak script although the routine story is drilling. Script which looks forced. Cinematography is fairly decent for any film of the budget. Editing is very poor. Music is really a large resource for that film, but re-recording might have been better. Production values are suitable for a movie of the budget.

Final Word: Alias Janaki is not a complete film. It may not be a worthy watch for this weekend.

Alias Janaki Review Rating: 1.75/5

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