Pussthakam lo Konni Pagelu Missing Review || Pussthakam lo Konni Pagelu Missing Movie Review || Pussthakam lo Konni Pagelu Missing Telugu Movie Review

Pussthakam lo Konni Pagelu Missing Review - Pussthakam lo Konni Pagelu Missing Movie Review - Pussthakam lo Konni Pagelu Missing Telugu Movie Review - Pussthakam lo Konni Pagelu Missing Film Review Rating
Cast: Srinivas, Supraja, Sathish, Rahual Mani
Music: Gunvanth
Director: Sajid Qureshi
Producer: Sohail Ansari


Srinivas, Supraja and Sajid Qureshi’s ‘Pustakam Lo Konni Pagelu Missing’ released today. Sajid Khureshi is the director of the film. This movie is a re-establish of the Tamil movie ‘Nadavula Konjem Pakkath Kanum’. Here Sohail Ansari has produced the Telugu version of the movie.  Srinivas, Supraja are in the lead roles here.

Coming to the story of the movie Vijay Kumar (Sri), Siva, Saleem and Balaji are wonderful pals. Vijay occurs meet Sandhya (Supraja) which he falls deeply deeply in love with her. Carrying out a brief resistance, the oldsters of Vijay and Sandhya accept their love and accept ask them to married. Merely a previous day the wedding, Vijay can get hurt while playing cricket. He needs a blow on his mind and finally eventually ends up with temporary forgetfulness. He handles to get rid of all memory of occasions that happened in the last twelve several weeks.  Because the wedding hour approaches, Vijay’s buddies try everything and anything possible to recover his memory. What happens next? For the rest of the story you must watch the movie on big screen…


Coming to the analysis of the movie here story may be the large resource within the movie. Sri is alright becoming somebody who encounters temporary forgetfulness. Though Supraja includes a small role within the film, she's done an admirable job. Raghu Babu is funny like a physician. The cricket match episode within the first half plus a couple of tunes are entertaining. The reception moments within the partner within the film are funny. Before extended, some moments become boring.

Sri must focus on his comedy timing and expressions.The film’s appeal will likely be restricted to a company segment. Commercial factors that could entertain crowds in B and C centers are missing.The romantic track like the hero and heroine must have been better. There's no chemistry such as the pair. A few inside the dialogues keep getting repeated while using the film and in addition they seem monotonous before extended. Overall movie is below average for the telugu audience.


Performancewise Sree has provided full justice towards the character of the loss of memory patient however in couple of moments he over responded. When it comes to acting he's enhanced when in comparison to his previous films and boy door next look of Sree didn’t click this time around. Comedian Mast Ali who's common as Saleem Pheku within the Angrez is just best factor within this movie. He entrains together with his Hyderabadi slang Hindi and the Telugu could make you laugh noisy, his comic timing is ideal in comedy moments.Sathish and Rahual Mani who performed friend roles of hero, their performances were neat. Raghu Babu as physician evoked couple of laughs. Sandhya who performed lead role for that short time.Relaxation from the supporting cast also done justice for their particular roles here.


Sajid Qureshi’s direction, script are extremely week which has sunk the film. Sajid Khureshi makes some changes towards the original script to be able to adapt it for Telugu.Martin Joe’s cinematography is nice. Gunwanth’s background score is nice and the work helps the film considerably. The editor Mohan must have chopped off certain sections within the other half to accelerate things. Production values are just ok here.

Final Word:

Pusthakam lo Konni Pagelu Missing is not the complete movie. You may avoid this movie for this weekend.

Pusthakam lo Konni Pagelu Missing Review Rating-1.5/5

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