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Cast: Vijay, Amala Paul, Satyaraj, Abhimanyu Singh, Ponnambalam, Santhanam, Suresh, Ragini
Writer: Sashank Vennelakanti
Editing: Antony
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Camera: Nirav Sha
Director: A.L.Vijay
Producer: Chandraprakash Jain, Kasi Viswanadham


Vijay, Amala Paul's "Anna" telugu movie released today.  Coming to the story of the movie Vishwa (Vijay) is clearly an ambitious dancer located in australia. He runs an average water plant and life going routine. But Vishwa real enthusiasm is dance they works difficult to succeed because area. In the long run, he consequences in Meera (Amala Paul) and he falls in love with her. Later in this process viswa try ti convince Meera’s father (Suresh).

After some of the days he convinced. Suresh difficulty upon meeting Vishwa’s father. Vijay thinks his father is a straightforward businessman. But they already know that his father may well be a local strongman. They already know that he's the boy of Anna (Sathyaraj). Later Vijay’s world is devastated. Fate work against him they handles to eliminate everything that's beloved to him. What happens exactly? For the rest of the story you must watch the movie on the big screen…


Coming to the analysis part narrative resembles Kamal Haasan and Mani Ratnam’s ‘Nayakudu’. Besides the interval twist, the story proceeds along expected lines. Dealing with the hero’s character may have been far better. Vijay never really increases from Vishwa to Anna inside the film. Negligence ‘hero elevation’ is sorely missing together with the director wasted many chances where this may have easily been accomplished. For tales within the kind to function, audiences have to be attracted in psychologically.

A.L.Vijay’s narration does not achieve this objective. Vijay supplies a great performance as Vishwa. Amala Paul features a key role inside the film and he or she looks pretty. Sathyaraj has excellent screen presence they does justice for that role of Anna. Really, Sathyaraj’s moments are frequently the most effective sequences inside the film. Veteran actor Suresh has completed well. The interval twist is excellent the film gains momentum here. Santhanam brings necessary comic relief along with the primary one card card card card card inserts work generally. Apart from Santhanam’s one card card card card card inserts, the entertainment quotient inside the film is zero. The persistence of audiences will get examined sometimes, particularly within the partner. Overall movie is poor.


Coming to the star performances Vijay's performance is purely ok. There's no improvement in awaken in large way like the jovial character in first half and role within the second half. Amala Paul got an chance to accomplish. She did well. Satya Raj and Abhimanyu Singh are ok. Santhanam clearly shipped his mark of punch dialogues. Ponnambalam, Naresh also done a decent job here. Rest of the supporting cast also done justice to their respective roles.


Coming to the technical aspects Director A.L.Vijay may be the first issue with the film. A director getting a ‘mass pulse’ might have done justice applying this movie.Movie is totally fail in script. Some areas slow paced narration disppoints audiences. Nirav Shah’s cinematography is decent. Editing isn't good. Music is simply ok. Background score by G.V.Prakash isn't sufficient. Dialogues are nearly ok. Production values are sufficient.

Final Word:

Vijay’s “Anna” is not a complete movie. It is not a worthy watch and it is just one time watch. You may not satisfy with this flick.

Anna Review Rating-2/5

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