Telugu Director Indraganti Mohan Krishna's National Award-Winning The Release Of His Telugu Film Anthaku Mundhu Aa Tharuvatha

National award-winning Telugu director Indraganti Mohan Krishna, who is awaiting the release of his film "Anthaku Mundhu Aa Tharuvatha", is keen to adapt "Chivaraku Migiledi" by Butchi Babu on the big screen.
"I have been trying to write a screenplay based on the novel. I'm very much interested to start working on it soon," Mohan Krishna said.

"Chivaraku Migiledi", originally written in 1946 by Butchi Babu, is the story about a man's conflict with the society and his realisation of peace and self-knowledge in the process.

"It has a very strong message that I think will be very relevant for today's generation. As soon as 'Anthaku Mundhu Aa Tharuvatha' is out, I will start working it," said Mohan Krishna.

While Indraganti's national-award winning Telugu drama "Grahanam" was based on the work of writer Chalam, his other successful film "Golconda High School" was based on an eponymous novel by Hari Mohan.

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