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Studio: Jahnavi Productions
Cast: Allari Naresh, Sharmiela Mandre, Ali, MS Narayayana, Khayyum, Ashish Vidyarthi, Kiran Rathod, Krishna Bhagavaan, Jeeva, Geetha Singh, Dhanaraj, Mumaith Khan (Cameo), Jyothi, Sana, Apoorva, Nagaraj Yadav
Cinematography: Adusumilli Vijay Kumar
Editing: Hari Nandamuri
Music: Bheems, Chinni Charan
Dialogues: Satish Vegesna
Screenplay: Devi Prasad
Story: Devi Prasad, Satish Vegesna
Director: Devi Prasad
Producer: Boppana Chandrasekhar


Allari Naresh's most waiting for film "Kevvu Keka” is launched today. This is actually the comedy film written and directed by Devi Prasad. This movie is created by Boppana Chandrasekhar under Jahnavi Productions banner. Here Allari Naresh and Sharmiela Mandre in lead roles seems on screen.Humor King Allari Naresh has partnered with Sharmila Mandre and director Devi Prasad for that comedy film ‘Kevvu Keka’. Boppana Chandrasekhar may be the producer.

The film has launched today, so let's see of if it will entertain as guaranteed. Buchi Raju (Allari Naresh) is really a salesperson in Kalanikethan Mall. He lives together with his uncle Abrakadabra Appa Rao (Krishna Bhagawan), who's a magician. Buchi Raju happens to encounter Maha Lakshmi (Sharmila Mandre) one fine day and falls deeply in love with her. Maha Lakshmi also responds to Buchi Babu plus they fall madly in love.

Maha Lakshmi’s father Subba Rao (M.S.Narayana) doesn't agree to this alliance as Buchi Raju isn't a wealthy guy. To win Maha Lakshmi’s hands, Buchi Raju offers to earn lots of money within 6 several weeks leaving.Through his uncle Appa Rao, he involves learn about a Bangkok businessman named Gottam Gopalakrishna (Ashish Vidyardhi) along with a fortune that's awaiting him. Equipped with these details, Buchi Raju decides to visit Bangkok to find his money. What happens next? For that you must watch this on silver screen


Coming to the analysis of the movie our comedy king Allari Naresh was his usual self within this film. He been successful in entertaining audiences to some extent together with his comedy timing and actions. Also, he looked quite stylish within this film. Sharmila Mandre has been doing a great job. Ashish Vidyardhi is extremely good at a complete length comedy. Krishna Bhagawan, Ali and Dhan Raj entertain parts. The very first half of the film has good quality moments. The retail center episode, party episode and also the song medleys came out well. Entertainment quotient within the first half is decent.

The film’s other half is really a large disappointment. Comedy quotient drops alarmingly here and also the film appears to tug so on.The director has concentrated more about approaching having a confusion drama within the other half which hasn't labored well. A senior and gifted comedian like M.S.Narayana continues to be wasted within this film. The romantic track between Naresh and Sharmila Mandre must have been better. It is extremely superficial. Tunes behave as speed breakers with this movie and don't assist the proceedings whatsoever.


Coming to the star performances Allari Naresh this time around around looked suprisingly low within the acting, credits visits director for your role presented to him. Remarkably Naresh has danced in many four tunes but has extended method for doing things. Naresh trade mark parodies and imitations of other heroes lacks a good deal in Kevvu Keka controlling his fans.

Sharmiela heroine from the flick is not so impressive if this involves acting but she indicated to producers through tunes they is ready for skin show when needed without hesitation. Ashish Vidyarthi did a fantastic job, MS Narayana, Ali and Krishna Bhagavan evoked handful of laughs inside the hall. Rest of the artists like Kiran Rathod, Khayyum, Geetha Singh, Jeeva, Sana, Jyothi are just ok in their respective roles.


Visiting the technical aspects director Devi Prasad has handled the direction, script and story departments. Script from the movie isn't sufficient. Movie is totally run in slow pace. He's dirty justice to them. He manages to lose charge of the film within the other half.Cinematography is alright. The editor must have trimmed off numerous moments within the other half. Visiting the background music and background score is nearly ok. Production values are ok here.

Final Word: Kevvu Keka is simply one time watch. Allari Naresh has attempted his best here. But it's not really a worthy film.

Kevvu Keka Review Rating: 2.25/5

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